Ginkgo biloba herbal drops

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Ginkgo biloba encourages spreading of tissues and thus their blood perfusion, improving the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients. It has a beneficial effect on memory functions, ability to concentrate, blood perfusion of the heart muscle, limbs and retina of the eye. It also has an antioxidant effect and prevents damage to cells and tissues.

The drops are prepared in the form of a tincture, i.e. an alcohol extract of dried leaves of the herb. Careful preparation ensures sufficient concentration of active substances; the chosen form allows good use of these substances by the body.

All Ingredients:

Drinking Water, Fine Refined Fermented Alcohol, Ginkgo Biloba – leaves.

This extract contains at least 40% alcohol by volume.


3 drops 20 times a day. The daily dose contains 60 mg of extract dry matter. Drops can also be taken in a beverage. Shake before use.


May reduce blood clotting ability.



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